Reverie Sound Revue

While I was living in Canada, I started listening to a Canadian band called Reverie Sound Revue (I may have met one of the band members). Their music was featured in a couple Canadian TV shows, including Radio Free Roscoe, a teen show that I was shamelessly watching in grad school. I have a copy of their EP from 2003 (though I got a hold of it in 2006), and it’s great!

You may have heard of them, you may not have. Either way, I like them, and they have a new long-awaited album coming out in June! Here is the music video to their single “An Anniversary Away.” Enjoy!

If you think this shameless plug for RSR sounds out of the blue, it’s because I got a Facebook message today about their new album. Yes, I’m part of their fan group on Facebook. Yay!


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