I very recently became addicted to Twitter. I created a personal Twitter to try it out, and now I use my tweets to update my status on Facebook. I love being able to tweet from my iPod touch. I feel somehow more connected to my social network when I use Twitter; it keeps me motivated to check Facebook more than I used to when I just used Facebook alone (don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell you).

The problem, though, is that I have Facebook friends from all walks of life, some of whom I work with and some of whom don’t even know (for sure) I’m gay (like my cousins or some very Christian friends from high school). As a result, I find myself censoring my tweets. I don’t generally have a dirty mind, but there are some things that I don’t necessarily want everyone to know.

My best friend at work (who I may have referred to before as my “lunch friend”) and I went Starbucks after lunch today to get an afternoon caffeine fix (to get us through the day). Actually, we always (without exception) go to Starbucks after lunch. While we were waiting for our drinks, I saw a really cute guy ordering a drink. I kept eyeing him (I love eye candy), but I really wanted a way to document my thoughts (as mildly inappropriate as they are).

Because of my need to micro-blog in a slightly more anonymous way, I created a Twitter account specifically for this blog! This way, I have an outlet for what I’m thinking about throughout the day, and I can share those thoughts with the handful of people who read this (thank you)!

I added the Twitter widget to the right column of the blog. Also, if you have a Twitter account, you can follow me here. Enjoy!


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