I had a great time in Vegas. I didn’t do much besides walk with my friends from one casino to another while watching one of them play slots as the other played poker, but the trip was very relaxing. Starting from around 10:30am on Friday, I had zero access to the internet all weekend. At first I was hesitant to be so disconnected from the world (I could have bought 24 hour access to WiFi in my hotel room for $12), but having no internet was a great way to force myself not to think about work or any other worries.

In other news, when I came back home Sunday afternoon, I found out about the swine flu outbreak. I hate hearing about possible pandemics; they really scare me. My heart starts racing any time I read about the Spanish Flu. I’ve been keeping up with the news on the swine flu, which makes me worry more. I really hope the World Health Organization (WHO) can get things under control quickly.

What a great way to come back from a weekend with no worries: worrying about a pandemic. I guess I can’t escape reality forever.


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