Approval Power

Ever since I bought my iPod touch, I’ve been tinkering with it every chance I can get. I still don’t know what applications to download (especially since I’m trying not to spend money on them yet), but I’m trying out the WordPress application right now! I’m a lot better at typing on the iPod than I thought I’d be.

In other news, my job seems to be going well. Because my boss knows that I’m reliable and go the extra mile, I have a lot more responsibilities than just managing accounts receivable. I’m still not really a manager, but I have certain “powers” that only managers have.

For example, every sales order that gets inputted into our system requires approval from three distinct people: the pricing on the order has to be approved by the sales manager; the inventory has to be approved by the warehouse manager to indicate that we can fill the order; and the credit has to be approved by accounting to say that we can actually collect payment from the customer. The approval system is a way for all departments to make sure things are in line, like checks and balances. As accounts receivable, I have the power to approve credit. But because my company trusts me and gave me more responsibilities, I have the power to approve pricing and inventory too. Only about three or four people are able to approve all three, and I’m one of them.

When I was in sales, I had no approval powers; I always had to ask others for approval of my orders. I love having the power of a manager, even though I still don’t have the status of one yet. But I feel like my position and influence in the company has changed drastically in the last month since I moved to accounting, so maybe manager status isn’t too far away.


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