Fondue Night

My (new) boss and I get along very well. Our personalities and work ethics are very similar (we’re both too reliable for our own good and stay at the office way too late). A lot of times during the day, we’ll talk to each other over the cubicle wall between us. It’s pretty funny, though I wonder what the accounts payable (AP) person thinks (since she never joins in on our conversations).

We also have similar taste in food. My boss used to be the person in charge of getting food for all the people who stay late (until I took that task over to free her up a little), so she has a large collection of menus of nearby (and not-so-nearby) restaurants on her desk. Last week, she showed me a menu for The Melting Pot, a restaurant that specializes in all sorts of fondue (cheese, meat, and chocolate). Because my boss, my work crush, and I are the three people who stay the latest in the office on a regular basis, we decided to have a fondue night with just the three of us.

My boss and my work crush usually go to the office on weekends, but I’ve only gone in once before today. Earlier in the week, I felt that I had some tedious work that I needed to do (clean up some of the numbers that past accounting people didn’t fix) that I couldn’t do during the week, so I volunteered to go to work today and we could go to The Melting Pot tonight. My boss and my work crush both agreed to the plan, and my boss even made a reservation.

Last night, my boss texted me asking if she could invite some of her friends who were also interested in fondue. I didn’t mind, since my work crush was still going (not because he’s my crush but because I’d have a friend to talk to too). Even though I wanted it to just be the three of us, my boss liked the idea of more people (the more the merrier), so who am I to argue?

In the afternoon, my work crush said he’d leave for a bit but he would be back in time to go with my boss and me to dinner. But about five minutes before we were to leave, my work crush called my boss and said that he couldn’t join us tonight. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I called my work crush and asked him what was up, but all he said was that he had something he needed to do. I told him that I thought it’d be weird if it was just me and my boss and her friends, but he just said that I’d still have fun. I asked if I could ask for more details; he hesitated and said “maybe another time.”

My boss and I took separate cars halfway and met up at a parking lot closer to our houses to take one car to the restaurant. We live near each other, and we’re both about 25 minutes away from the office, whereas my work crush lives two minutes away from work. By taking one car from there, we wouldn’t be leaving a car at the office and have to backtrack so much at the end of the night.

There ended up being five of us at the restaurant: my boss, my boss’s sister (who also works with us), two of my boss’s friends, and me. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it might be, but I still would have liked to have my work crush there. The dinner was amazing. We all had the four-course dinner, which included everything: cheese fondue, salad, meat fondue, and chocolate fondue. The quality was fantastic, and the atmosphere was very classy. I love eating at fancy places (although it was quite expensive).

As great as dinner was, I couldn’t stop thinking about my work crush. I was worried. I try not to overthink or overreact to the situation, but I kept playing the phone call I had with him in my head. All throughout dinner, I was thinking about visiting my work crush afterwards, even though I knew that it’s a terrible idea. By the time we finished dinner and my boss dropped me off at my car, it was about 10:40pm.

If I did the right thing and just went home, I wouldn’t be typing this right now (because it would be boring). I got to my work crush’s apartment around 11pm. I walked around for a couple minutes thinking about how crazy I am, and then I walked up and knocked on his door.

No answer. I knocked again, still no answer. His car was there, so I knew he was home, but he was probably asleep already. I contemplated very hard about ringing the doorbell or calling his phone, but I decided against it. I walked away, came back, and knocked again (to no answer). After a couple more minutes of thinking (and being crazy) I finally gave up and drove home. I got home close to 11:40pm. I probably could have gotten home before 11pm if I went straight home.

I’m insane!


One Response to “Fondue Night”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    If I did the right thing and just went home, I wouldn’t be typing this right now (because it would be boring).

    See, you’re making your own life interesting! Don’t worry, I would be just as bad. 🙂

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