Like In Entourage

Over the weekend, I went to a club in Hollywood with my sister to celebrate her birthday. She invited a large group of her friends and invited me to come too. I’m not a big clubber (and I’m usually against parties where I don’t know anyone), but I said yes because I’m trying to hang out with my sister more.

The club we went to was very fancy. It was like I was in an episode of Entourage, except that I didn’t see any celebrities. I had told my sister that I don’t really dance, so she made me her photographer for the evening. It worked out: I didn’t know anyone anyway, so being a photographer was less awkward than just standing around being a quiet observer.

I ended up drinking more than I was planning to (partly to save my sister from drinking all the drinks that people kept buying for her), but I think that helped loosen me up as the night wore on. I had a good time. We stayed at the club until closing (2am), and I went home with my sister; I zonked out on her couch around 4am.

As fun as the club was, I was exhausted from it. I didn’t have a hangover (I’ve never had one actually), but I felt tired all day Sunday and even Monday. I don’t know how party people do it; I can barely handle one night, let alone every weekend.

By the way, Happy Square Root Day! I had to throw that in to show off my nerdy math side. Square Root Day only happens nine times every century!


3 Responses to “Like In Entourage”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    It’s fun to party on the weekends… just make sure you sleep in the next day. 🙂

  2. Amy Says:

    …but 10 times this century, right? 1-1-001, 2-2-004, 3-3-009, 4-4-016, 5-5-025, 6-6-036, 7-7-049, 8-8-064, 9-9-081, 10-10,100. Yes, 2100 is this century, the new one begins in 2101. As both a calendar and math geek, I’m surprised! (Just kidding, we discussed it at my work)

  3. normalboy Says:

    I was thinking about that too. I wasn’t sure if the 10-10, 100 counted because the definition usually uses only the last two digits of the year.

    Of course, if you relax the definition (the way you have), then 11/11/2121 and 12/12/2144 are also Square Root Days too (yes, not in this century), but then 1/1/2101 is not (whereas it is if you use 1-1,01, then it is).

    And let’s not forget about 13/13/2169, right? Darn that Smarch weather! 🙂

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