A Final Meeting

My last day in sales was pretty uneventful. There was nothing that really felt out of the ordinary until the end of the day when I moved my personal affects to my new cubicle on the other side of the (small) building. When I was sorting through my desk, I went through some of the old papers that were on my desk and reminisced a little about the time I spent in the sales team.

Before I left the office, I sat down for a talk with my boss/friend. I felt like I should end my time as his employee with a final meeting (we actually haven’t had much need for a meeting in quite a while). It was really nice. I’m glad that I’m able to talk to him and have a conversation, rather than when he used to yell at me and had a feeling of dread every morning.

In the end, we both agreed that accounting is a good move for me. My boss/friend said that I learned just about as much as I can in my current role in the sales team, and I will get a completely different perspective on the company and on business from the accounting department. After all, my time with this company is all about gaining experience and growing personally as well as professionally. Let’s see how accounting helps me grow too.

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