Cautionary Tales

This has been a bad month for my blog. I haven’t had the energy or motivation to post anything substantial on here. I’ve been consistently staying at the office late every day, and I’m just about ready to sleep by the time I get home.

A couple days ago, as I was getting ready to leave work (around 8:30pm), one of my friends from work asked if I wanted to get coffee with her to catch up. We often used to talk and get lunch together, but we’ve both been busy lately. Of course I said yes; she’s probably one of my favorite people at work (who I don’t have a crush on).

We met up at a local Starbucks and chatted for an hour until it closed, and then we continued our conversation in the parking lot for another half hour or so. I love talking to her. I think she sees me like a little brother, and I see her like a big sister.

My friend has been with our company for ten years, so she has a lot of stories. She told me the story of a coworker who went to MIT and wanted to become a doctor. Our boss was incredibly harsh to her and she quit multiple times. She vowed never to return to our company, but after ten months of not finding a job, she came back and has worked for us ever since.

I used to talk about becoming an actuary and/or finding what I want to do in life. But over the last couple months, I’ve been getting sucked into working later and longer. From the beginning, I wanted this job to be a stepping stone to something better, but it’s difficult to find or even think about other opportunities when I’m working 55+ hours a week.

During our converstions, my friend even admitted to saying she regrets staying with our company for so long. She feels like her life has passed her by and she wouldn’t be able to find a job doing anything different. Somewhat luckily, she and her boyfriend are doing well enough where she doesn’t have to work anymore if she didn’t want to, but I feel bad that she has regrets for staying.

My friend keeps warning me not to stay late too often, and she keeps pushing me to either study for the actuary exams or find other options. She doesn’t want me to end up like her (or our coworker). All her cautionary tales are making me really think about my future. I don’t want to regret staying too long.

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One Response to “Cautionary Tales”

  1. Amy Says:

    You should consider applying to colleges as an instructor. I’ll help if you want. Teaching is less hours + more rewarding. And the pay is not half bad… Though your blog may not reflect it, I happen to know you are a gifted teacher who cares about your students. Actually, better yet, come up north and work with me! We’re literally 5 minutes from the mall….. (you know which one!)

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