Crossing Boundaries

My transition to accounting has begun. I’m still officially in sales, but I’ve been shown a few things and been given a couple accounting responsibilities already. My sales replacement is starting next Wednesday. After I properly train him (not sure how long that will take), I will officially move out of sales and into the accounting department full time.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working really late all week (the earliest I went home was still after 8pm); I haven’t even had dinner with my parents once. My mom apparently started getting flu-like symptons on Thursday, and I didn’t even know about it until this morning!

I’m never “required” to stay past 5:30pm every day, but I’ve probably only left work that early maybe twice since I started my job. Usually my end-of-the-day meetings with my boss/friend don’t even start until after 6pm.

Earlier in the week, my work crush warned me about not setting boundaries with work. He doesn’t want work to become my life (like it has for him). I’m the only non-manager to stay so late. Sometimes, I feel that if I want to become a manager, I need to put in the extra time and effort. But honestly, I shouldn’t have to stay late to do that.

Oh, and I talked to my boss/friend a few days ago in a strictly non-work related conversation (it’s been months since we did that), and I told him that I liked my work crush (it’s a long story as to why I felt the urge to talk to him about it on that particular day). He said he knew a long time ago, probably only a few weeks after I started working there. Apparently I’ve very readable.

There are days when I stay later just because I want to chat with my work crush, but I’ve decided (for now) to try and limit the amount of time I spend doing that. My boss/friend always stresses the need to separate emotions from work, and he’s right (as he often is). Crushing on a straight guy is bad news in general, but crushing on a straight coworker is even more complicated.


3 Responses to “Crossing Boundaries”

  1. W Says:

    Yeah, dude, people that know you can tell. I speak from experience.


  2. Amy Says:

    Yup. People can tell…. And setting boundaries is important. You want people to know you’re willing to put in extra effort, but at the same time, you don’t want them to think they can walk all over you – if you do extra work for free, why would they bother to pay you for it later?

  3. normalboy Says:

    I guess I can’t fight being totally obvious with my feelings. I really am a bad actor.

    It’s true, I shouldn’t stay so long. My work ethic just gets the best of me sometimes. I try not to think about the money (since I’m severely underpaid as it is), but I guess I should consider it more when I work so many extra hours. I don’t want to be disgruntled later.

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