A Close Friend At Work

Usually when I stay late in the office, my company will buy dinner for me and whoever else stays late. Tonight, my work crush (he’s straight) and I both decided to leave earlier (he usually stays later than I do), so we both declined the offer to stay for dinner. But then we got caught up talking to another coworker. Actually, I mostly just listened in; the conversation didn’t involve me much, but I like staying if my work crush is there.

Anyway, it was getting late (after 8pm), so my parents called me and assumed I wasn’t going to be home for dinner (I’m supposed to call earlier if I’m not going to be home but I didn’t want to miss the conversation). When it was finally time to leave, I asked my work crush if he wanted to get something to eat (if he doesn’t eat at the office, he’ll usually skip dinner and just go home). Perhaps because I passingly mentioned that I’d have to get food by myself, I convinced him to have dinner with me.

A quick sidenote. My work crush is a pretty important manager and has to stay at the office during lunchtime, so I will go out and bring him back lunch almost every day. He’ll periodically give me cash for it, but I’m not very strict with the accounting (not an indication of my accounting skills) mostly because he’s my friend.

Anyway. We went to a nearby Japanese restaurant. For some reason, my work crush wanted me to decide what he should order. Because I get him lunch every day, I already choose what he eats for lunch, so it’s funny that I had to choose what he ate for dinner too.

I love talking to my work crush, but I rarely have large chunks of time during the day to talk. I often talk to him at the end of the day, but we still mostly talk about work. Tonight, we talked about work, but also about high school, life, the future, my lack of any long term relationships (he knows I’m gay), etc. It was a great conversation (and a good dinner too). We ended up sitting and talking until the restaurant closed. Oh, and he paid for my dinner because I always do him the favor of buying him lunch.

When I drove my work crush back to the office where his car was, he said “thanks for forcing me to go to dinner.” Needless to say, I had a great night. Not necessarily because he’s my work crush (the crush part is waning, I think), but because I like making close friends with whom I can discuss anything. And he’s definitely the kind of person I could see being a close friend for a long time.

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2 Responses to “A Close Friend At Work”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    “For some reason, my work crush wanted me to decide what he should order. ”

    ’cause you’re Asian, duh!

    But anyway, sounds lovely. 🙂

  2. Amy Says:

    awwwww… Happy weekend!

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