My official transition from sales to accounting won’t happen for about a month. My boss wants to find a replacement for me before I make the move. In the meantime, he’s being just as hard on me as ever (I wouldn’t have expected any less).

I understand why he’s so hard on me, too. As long as I’m under his supervision, he’s trying to teach me as much as possible. I’m currently (very slowly) working on a PowerPoint presentation for a potential (huge) client. I’ve never used PowerPoint, and I haven’t really had to prepare formal presentations quite like this before. My boss understands that it’s difficult to prepare, but he still insists that I work on it as if it’s my own potential new account, even though I will leave the sales department before there are any results.

In the end, even though I tend to paint a picture of my boss always yelling at me, I know that my boss has always been supporting me and wanting what’s best for me. He only pushes me so hard because he expects so much from me. At the same time, it’s difficult to be his friend when all we talk about is work; it’s not always easy to separate business and friendship (you may have noticed at some point that I stopped using the term boss/friend). Hopefully after I move to the accounting department, I can refer to my boss as just my friend again.


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