Sales Is A Good Fit… For Him

I had a very high-powered meeting today at one of my client’s office. My boss and my boss’s boss (the president of our company) came with me to meet the senior manager at my client’s company, so I basically just sat in the meeting room and listened. I had (or felt like I had) nothing to offer the conversation. If I had my boss’s position, I would have no idea what to say.

It’s times like this when I really feel like I’ll never be the salesperson that my boss wants me to be. My boss will always expect more from me, no matter how well I do, which is good and bad. It’s good that he pushes me to always do more, but it’s bad in that I will never feel like I’m doing enough.

I used to beat myself up about not being able to be as good at sales as my boss (I guess I was jealous of his sales/management ability), but lately I’m realizing that that doesn’t mean I’m any less of a person than my boss. It just means that sales is a good fit for him and not so much for me. We’re different people; we shouldn’t have to be good at the same things. I’m much more technical and detail oriented than my boss. Perhaps I should be showing off my strengths rather than trying to build up my weaknesses.

I got a brief overview of the accounting position yesterday, and it seems fairly straightforward. There are a lot of details and a lot of things that need to be kept organized, but I think I can do well at the job. It might be more structured and routine than sales, but I think I’m okay with that.

The main thing that’s keeping me from making a decision is the pay. I asked the operations manager what the pay structure would be, but she hasn’t given me an answer yet. I’ll probably hear back about it on Monday. I don’t know at what salary I’m willing to accept, so I’m trying not to speculate either. I am reserving any definitive decision until I have all the information I need (though it might be painfully obvious to what direction I’m leaning).

In other news, I’m taking a vacation day tomorrow in order to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday. We’re going to Las Vegas over the weekend! Yay! Funny thing is, I’m really tempted to bring my laptop so I can check my work email while I’m there. It’s really hard to take a break from work!


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