A Phone Call I Had To Take

Remember my best friend who recently found out his mom’s brain tumor returned? He called me today. I was still at work, but I had to take his call. He rarely ever calls me, so how could I not? If my boss asked me about it (which he didn’t), I would have just told him it was a personal call that I had to take. My boss is understanding enough not to question me.

When he sent the mass email updating all his friends (including me) about his mom, all I did was send an email right back offering my sympathies and letting him know that I’m always there for him. In his call today, there was of course the mutual understanding of his family’s current situation, but we didn’t talk about that at all. Instead, I updated him on what’s been going on with me, and we talked about the other aspects of his life, such as his girlfriend and his travels around the world.

It’s really nice to know that I can still talk to my best friend like I used to, even if it’s once in a very long while. We had to cut our phone call a little short (he had to help his mom out and my cell phone battery was getting low), but he told me to call him soon.

I was so surprised and happy to hear from him. It seems like Lisa was right (as always); a little normal conversation is what he needs during this difficult time. I’m just glad I was able to be there for him, even if all I did was take his phone call.

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One Response to “A Phone Call I Had To Take”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Remember that. I’m ALWAYS right. 😉

    I’m so glad he called you.

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