Scanning And Rescanning

My photo project has gotten underway. My brother picked a picture that he really wanted for his Facebook profile, so I started with that picture and spent part of the weekend scanning that whole roll of film from the negatives. It takes a while to scan (five minutes a picture or so), but it’s fun to see pictures of when I was a baby (even though it’s almost like looking at a completely different person).

What’s annoying is that oftentimes two scans of the same negative yield different results. The color is more natural in one, but I somehow get more in the frame from the other one. As I’m a huge perfectionist, this is quite frustrating. I’m trying to keep moving forward (since otherwise I might spend a whole weekend perfecting one picture) but I still find myself scanning and rescanning the same picture two or three or four times to compare and choose the best scan.

I only scanned four pictures tonight (I scanned each one three times). My goal is to scan a roll of film a week, but that might be ambitious. If I can manage it, though, I’ll be done with this project in no time.


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