Packrat Tendencies

I kind of left the last post on a cliffhanger, huh? Not to worry, the winds died down and the wildfires moved away from the direction of my home, so I didn’t have to worry. I did bring my family’s emergency bag to work the day after my last post, though, just in case.

It’s a scary thought, thinking about what would happen if I lost my home to a fire. I feel bad whenever I think about the people who really did lose their homes (especially considering the current economy). It makes me rethink my packrat tendencies.

I have so many unsorted boxes and piles of stuff that I brought home from when I moved back after both college and graduate school. Everything is somewhat sentimental; I’m sure I could tell a small story about every item I have. But if I had to evacuate my home in a matter of minutes, what things would I really take with me? If I suddenly lost everything, what would I really miss?

If I keep these thoughts in my head while I clean my room, I should be done in no time. That is, whenever I get around to actually cleaning my room.

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