Pike Place

My business trip to Seattle was really tiring, but it was also a lot of fun. The meeting went pretty well (I didn’t have to talk that much). My friend/boss wanted to meet with another person (without me) afterwards, so we ended up delaying our flight back home by a few hours.

Instead of being rushed from place to place on a very tight schedule, we got to spend some time to enjoy the city. I’m much more of a tourist than my friend/boss, so I dragged him to visit Pike Place. I had been there before, but only when it was closing for the night and there were very few people. This time, Pike Place was bustling with people (on a Wednesday afternoon!); it was great.

While we were at Pike Place, I, of course, had to stop by the very first Starbucks. I bought myself a Pike Place mug (only found there!) and a venti passion tea lemonade (no syrup). It was a warm, sunny day, so a cool drink (from the first Starbucks) was very refreshing.

The rest of the public market was really nice too. Beautiful flowers, handcrafted trinkets, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of seafood. We even got to see the famous fish throwing at the Pike Place Fish Market.

I had a blast being a big tourist. My friend/boss continued to do work on his Blackberry the whole day, but at least he seemed to enjoy walking around Pike Place. We had time to walk around all of Pike Place and not feel rushed to get back to the airport. We even had time to look at all the gift shops in the airport too! I wish I had more business trips like this one.


One Response to “Pike Place”

  1. Amy Says:

    Wait.. not easy on the ice? Our order is: Venti lemonade passion ice tea, unsweetened, easy on the ice. you get more tea that way. And aren’t the boys tossing fish HOT? That was my first impression of Pike Place.

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