Business Cards

I got my first box of my own business cards today! I almost feel like a professional with a real job (oh wait, I am)! My parents were really excited, too; they each took a card. I doubt I’ll ever use the whole box (it has 500 cards), but I’m not sure if I know of anyone who really ran out of business cards.

I received my business cards just in time, too, because I’m going on my first out-of-town business trip tomorrow! I’m going with my friend/boss to Seattle to meet some clients. I love Seattle, but unfortunately we’re only going to be there for about four hours. We basically have time to arrive, eat a quick lunch, go to a meeting, and then head back to the airport.

The worst part of the trip (besides the fact that I hate meetings, especially when I think my friend/boss wants me to take the reins and speak up a little more) is that I have to wake up at 4:30am to catch the early flight to get there on time. Dreadful. Because we’re coming back the same day, I don’t even get to stay in a hotel. I love hotels!


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