History In The Making

The Dow lost 777 points today, the largest one-day point loss ever. Banks and investment firms are failing left and right, and the economy is only going to get worse before it gets better (especially when the government can’t decide on a relief plan). There’s a lot of talk that the US is headed for another Great Depression. You can read about today’s stock plunge here.

It’s both interesting and terrifying to be living in such a time. I don’t really keep up with news very consistently, though; I mostly just hear/read highlights. I find history incredibly fascinating, but for some reason I’ve always been uninterested in news, which is really just history in the making. I think it’s about time I stopped living under a rock. Important changes are happening in the country (this election is going to be crazy), and I really should be paying attention.


One Response to “History In The Making”

  1. fay Says:


    I stumbled on your blog earlier this evening as i was doing some umm “research” on target. Im going on my interview for target as an executive team leader in 2 days, and as i was reading your words, it felt relatable.

    I read about how you wanted to look for jobs in the actuary field. I go to business school in new york, so i logged onto my school career website to see if there was anything available within the insurance field, and a couple of things came up. If you are interested, you can email me back, and I’ll provide you with some contact information.

    I think you ought to give it a shot. It doesn’t hurt to practice on a couple of more interviews 🙂

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