One Year Ago

I started this blog one year ago today. Before I decided on WordPress and on a username (it took longer than you’d think), I was very skeptical that I would even be able to keep up a blog for this long. While I don’t update nearly as often as I used to, I’m glad I’ve still been able to post somewhat regularly.

Even though I feel like I haven’t really moved forward, a lot has happened in the last year. Some landmarks, big and small:

I got my wisdom teeth pulled.
I received my master’s degree.
I passed the first actuarial exam.
I got my first job.
I got my second job.
I lost a net of 25 pounds (I lost 30 and gained 5 back).
I started driving on the freeway.
I made the leap to HDTV and Blu-ray.
I got a new laptop after my old one gave out.
I got a new digital camera.
I made my first trip to West Hollywood.
I had (at least) three straight crushes.
I attended my first bachelor party (and subsequently went to my first strip club).
I can now legally marry a boy.

I wonder what landmarks I will list one year from today?

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, whether intentional or accidental. I hope to still be updating this blog for years to come.


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