A Day In Long Beach

A couple days ago, my parents and I took out my grandfather to spend the day in Long Beach. Usually we just take my grandfather out to the mall and to dinner, but we thought we’d do something a little different for Labor Day weekend.

Our main reason for going to Long Beach in the first place was the Aquarium of the Pacific. As I’ve mentioned before, I love aquariums. I always feel relaxed and happy (almost giddy) after going to an aquarium. I had never been to the Aquarium of the Pacific, so this trip was extra fun.

My grandfather really enjoyed the aquarium too. My mom and he walked together, looking at every exhibit very closely, trying not to miss anything. My mom kept pointing out interesting anemones and fish, and she translated all the educational blurbs on the walls. Both my grandfather and she couldn’t stop talking about the leafy sea dragon and how they had heard of a sea horse but never a sea dragon. It was cute. My grandfather even touched a shark in the shark touch pool!

I’m not sure if I had ever been to Long Beach before (it’s about 50 miles away from my house), but I think I would remember it if I had. Long Beach is really nice. The weather was perfect and the view was great. There were lots of people walking and enjoying the waterfront. If I wasn’t a native Californian, I would be tempted to say that Long Beach is what I would imagine California to be.


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