18 Times 6

Last night, I helped count some inventory in the warehouse at work. Somehow though, I thought that 18 times 6 equaled 72. I remember multipying 18 and 2 together and then doubling it as a way to make the calculation easier. I didn’t realize that it was also a way to make it wrong.

I was so convinced that I had done the math correctly that I thought our inventory count was short 36 units. It wasn’t until this morning when someone else counted the items again that I saw my completely embarrassing mistake.

Given that I have a masters degree in math, I should be a lot better at math than most people. And yet, I constantly make careless arithmetic mistakes. It’s terrible. How could I not realize that 18 times 6 is 108?

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One Response to “18 Times 6”

  1. Amy Says:

    i’ve done that….

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