I Meme

I love memes. They make me feel like I’m part of an online community, or at least that I’m friends with Lisa, who I got this from. She tagged anyone who’d like to volunteer, so here I am!

I am normal.
I think with my heart.
I know nothing (or at least it feels that way).
I have a lot of friends who care about me.
I wish I knew what I want in life.
I hate feeling self-conscious.
I miss living on my own.
I fear that I will never get a job that makes me happy (financially and emotionally).
I hear my parents watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics.
I smell the cold night air because the window is open.
I crave for hugs from people I love.
I search for something more.
I wonder if I will ever be good at interviews.
I regret not taking more practical classes in college.
I love my friends so much it hurts.
I ache like I’m not so young anymore.
I am not a man (or at least I don’t feel like one).
I believe in others more than I believe in myself.
I dance with two left feet.
I sing with my falsetto.
I cry less often than I think is healthy.
I fight change, even though I know it’s pointless.
I win arguments very rarely.
I lose touch with friends more often than I’d like. 
I never can watch enough I Love Lucy.
I always worry too much.
I confuse crushes with love.
I listen when my friends vent to me, just as they do for me.
I can usually be found either at work or at Target.
I am scared of getting a brain tumor.
I need to learn how to motivate myself.
I am happy about Ellen and Portia’s wedding. I saw pictures today. They’re so in love!
I imagine owning my own house or condo someday.
I tag Amy, and anyone else who wants to do this. It really is harder than it looks!

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One Response to “I Meme”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Yay! I’m glad you played along!

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