Not A Manager

I’ve been at my current job for three months now. In the beginning, it seemed like every day was a new opportunity for me not only to learn how to perform the tasks for my job but also to grow as a person. My friend/boss would always try to find ways to help me grow as much as possible. Lately, though, I feel like I’ve settled into a routine that doesn’t let me grow as much.

Not only that, but I’m constantly (or at least it feels like it) reminded that I’m not a manager. I only have access to the minimum amount of information that I need to do my job. If I ask for more responsibility or more information, my friend/boss asks why and says I don’t need it.

Sometimes, I’m okay with the way things are (for now). I’m not perfect at my job yet, so I guess I still need to get better at my job before I can ask for more. But other times, I feel like I’m not moving anywhere, and I’ve already hit the peak in terms of my advancement within the company.

Perhaps I’m jumping the gun a little bit. Maybe I shouldn’t expect to move up to a manager position in three months (even though my friend/boss did). But even if I am expecting too much, I’d at least like to feel like there’s the prospect of becoming a manager in the future.


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