Anxious Sundays

The last couple Sundays, I’ve been feeling very anxious. I stress myself out thinking about the work week, and then I can’t concentrate on anything else I’m doing. The weekend is far less relaxing when I’m stressed out.

Last weekend, I saw The Dark Knight with some friends. During the whole movie, I was thinking about all the pressure I feel at my job. I kept thinking about what I want in life and whether this sales job will help me get there (wherever there is). As a result, I didn’t enjoy the movie quite as much as everyone else. I heard from multiple friends that The Dark Knight is the best movie ever. I just thought it was okay, and I think it’s because I was distracted while I watched it.

This weekend was more low key. I didn’t go anywhere or see anyone. I mostly stayed at home, trying to relax. But when I woke up on Sunday, I immediately felt anxious knowing that the next day I would have work. Luckily, I found that watching a couple episodes of Ned and Stacey on my computer helped calm me down temporarily.

I keep telling myself that this is part of life. Any path I take won’t be easy. There will always be challenges, always be pressures. Part of becoming an adult is facing these challenges and learning to deal with them.

Anyway. Because I’ve been feeling anxious frequently the last few weeks, I haven’t had coffee very often. I don’t think coffee makes me jittery, but I don’t want to risk feeling even more anxious. It’s been almost a week and a half since I had a drop of coffee. It’s sad, too, since I love the taste of coffee. Maybe I should switch to decaf.


One Response to “Anxious Sundays”

  1. cfseng Says:

    Me myself is not a perfect person as well, i would escape when i face tremendous pressure. Being a salesperson itself is a challenge, you have to be very positve. No even a negative thought is allowed.

    However, try to relax and dont’ pressure youself too much.^^

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