Shiny New Condo

My brother and I visited my sister again over the weekend. It’s been rare for all three of us to have the time (especially since my brother is only home for the summer), so we’re trying to hang out as much as possible.

The weekend was pretty low key. We played Rock Band on the Wii, visited cute baby chihuahuas at a pet store, and saw Hancock at the movie theatre. Toward the end of the weekend, we met up with my sister’s boyfriend and visited the new condo he just bought.

His condo, like my sister’s condo, is three stories. I love the layout of that kind of condo, where the living room and kitchen are on the second floor and the master bedroom is on the top floor. I also just like new homes in general. Everything is clean and shiny, and the lack of clutter and furniture make the rooms seem extra spacious.

We went to Home Depot so that my sister’s boyfriend could get ideas on some small improvements he wants to make to his new place. I don’t usually like going to Home Depot. I’m not a handyman, and I don’t know much about tools or home improvement, so I’m often bored when I go there.

This time, though, I had a lot of fun. I looked at all the different sinks, toilets, and refrigerators, thinking about what I would use if I had a new condo. It made me really want to buy a house.

Unfortunately, my current job won’t allow me to afford to buy a house for a very long time (if ever). If I want a new house with shiny new fixtures, I can’t just settle for where I am. Of course, I’ve only been at my new job for two months, but I really should be thinking hard about what lies beyond this job.


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