Calling Out

I was scheduled to work at Target yesterday. I spent most of the weekend visiting my sister in Orange County (The OC), which is pretty far from my Target. It was a really fun weekend, but I was always aware of how much time I had left because of work. After a lot of thought, I considered calling out.

To “call out” at Target is to call before your shift to let the leader-on-duty (LOD) know that you’re unable to work that day. Calling out is frowned upon, of course. The store can’t look good and guests can’t be helped if no one is working. It’s better than not showing up without any advance notice though (that’s called a “no call no show”), because calling out at least gives the executives time to find a replacement.

Being the reliable and dependable person I am (or strive to be), I never called out before. I’ve always known that I could call out if I ever wanted to, but I never wanted to let my team down. At some point, though, I just didn’t feel like working. Without overthinking more than I already had, I called my Target and asked to speak to the LOD.

When the LOD picked up the phone and said her name, I felt guilty immediately; she’s one of my favorite executives. I told her I wasn’t going to make it in, and she made me feel so bad (partially jokingly) about calling out. I apologized many times (I really did mean it too), but when she asked if I was sure, I said yes.

I felt really guilty for about two hours afterwards. I kept thinking about how much I was letting them down while at the same time trying to justify my decision (to myself). Even now I’m not entirely sure why I called out. I probably could have made it back in time for my shift and been fine. But by the time I reconsidered, it was too late anyway. I made my decision.

I didn’t actually do anything exciting with the few extra hours of my weekend that I had freed up. After I got home, I mostly just relaxed on the couch. As fun as the weekend was, it was also very tiring. A couple hours spent off my feet is far better way to prepare for the work week than constantly walking and standing at Target.

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