The Carpool Lane

My friend/boss and I had a meeting in the afternoon with some of our clients. Unfortunately, the meeting was at the clients’ office 60 miles away. An hour before we had to leave, my friend/boss asked me to drive.

I’m still pretty uncomfortable driving long distances, especially if I’ve never driven there before and if I have a passenger. But my friend/boss is my boss, so I couldn’t say no that easily.

Some of the freeway junctions in LA are very confusing too. My printout from Google Maps didn’t tell me that I would have to change four lanes to the left to change to the right freeway.

Getting to the meeting was mostly smooth; I only hit traffic toward the end of the trip. Coming back, however, was terrible. We left the meeting around 5pm, right during rush hour. It probably took half an hour to move half a mile.

Eventually, the traffic loosened up, and I discovered the joys of the carpool lane. I don’t usually qualify to take the carpool lane. It was so gratifying to be able to drive really fast and not have to worry that I’m going to hit traffic or have a car cut in front of me.

I really should carpool more often.


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