Futurama Math

I spent the day with a good friend from high school. We went to the mall so he could go shopping for summer clothes. Afterwards, we hung out at my house and watched the Futurama movie Bender’s Big Score on DVD. I’ve always liked Futurama, and the movie was definitely true to the series. I highly recommend any fans of the show to check it out.

Included on the DVD is a math lecture called “Bite My Shiny Metal X,” which points out some of the references to mathematics throughout the movie and the entire series. The lecture mainly references spherical geometry, topology, and number theory. My favorite references were to Klein bottles, the number 1729 (the famous Ramanujan taxicab number), and \aleph_0.

I like Futurama even more now than I already did now that I know there is real mathematics in it! Just because I’m not pursuing math anymore doesn’t mean I’m not still a huge math nerd.

For more about Futurama and math, go to the official website Futurama Math. Math rocks!


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