My Cousin’s Graduation

My cousin’s graduation was fun. Well, the ceremony was a little long and boring, but the commencement speeches were good. Since I had just received my master’s degree at the end of last year, a lot of the inspirational words in the speeches could be applied to me as well.

A lot of my family attended my cousin’s graduation. Eight of us, to be exact. I felt a little bitter that no one from my family went to my master’s graduation, but I got over it pretty quickly. The circumstances were different (it would have been very expensive for my family to fly up to Canada with me), and I still had a blast celebrating my graduation with my friends from graduate school. Besides, my cousin’s graduation shouldn’t be about me at all; it was his day.

Family gatherings are always events that last all day, so I’m pretty tired now. I have to get up early too, since my mom is going on a business trip to China tomorrow. My dad, brother, and I will be seeing her off at the airport in the morning. Time for a good night’s sleep!


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