Casual Friday

Last night my friend/boss text messaged me, informing me that today was Casual Friday. Having never worked at an office job before, I didn’t really understand the level of casual that Casual Friday was supposed to be. I usually wear business casual attire to work. Is that not considered casual? It has “casual” in the name!

Obviously, I worried way too much about how I should dress today. I didn’t want to be overdressed for Casual Friday, nor did I want to be underdressed. I decided I would wear a polo shirt (not tucked in) with khakis. I tried to wear something more casual than business casual but not so far as jeans and a T-shirt.

When I got to work, I found out that my friend/boss was still wearing his normal business casual attire (I guess because he’s a manager), but his intern/boyfriend wore jeans and a T-shirt (with sandals!). Apparently, Casual Friday was just meant for his intern/boyfriend and me. Since everyone else in the company wears jeans or anything else they want anyway, the novelty of Casual Friday only applies to us.

Anyway. Maybe I’ll wear jeans and a T-shirt next Friday. What’s interesting, though, is that my usual business casual clothes are probably more comfortable than my casual clothes!


2 Responses to “Casual Friday”

  1. nursemyra Says:

    I’d be worried about that if I were you 🙂

  2. Rather be surfin’ Says:

    […] An older post. Normal Boy’s first casual Friday experience. I know it traumatized me…. […]

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