A Reluctant Apprentice

Just when I start to get comfortable with my everyday responsibilities, my friend/boss wants to give me more to do. I’m not complaining; I’m just a little scared that he’ll give me too much for me to handle.

My friend/boss talked to me after work, and he explained how he wants me to gain as much from my experience with our company as possible. He doesn’t want me to do only mindless data entry that almost anyone can do. He wants me to learn how to do his job, but I’m not as well versed in business as he is.

He is able to look at market prices of products from competing companies and determine prices for our own products in order to compete. He also has to decide what products should go on sale when for each client so as to not compete with ourselves and eat our own sales. It’s all very complicated.

Whenever my friend/boss gives me something to do or wants me to watch him do something, he wants me to ask questions, even more questions than I’m already asking. He’s trying to get me to understand his thought processes so that I can eventually take the reins.

With every decision my friend/boss makes, he takes risks. He doesn’t know if his plans will benefit the company or whether his promotions will actually attract more buyers. I’m really not a risk taker; I don’t think I could take the kinds of risks he takes.

When I was trying to be a manager at Target, the job didn’t seem as important within the grand structure of the company. But a manager at a smaller company has a lot more weight to pull, an thus a lot more weight on his shoulders as well. I’m reluctant to sign on to that kind of responsibility so quickly.

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One Response to “A Reluctant Apprentice”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I think it comes down to that you are pretty risk-averse. I know how that feels – I was a high achiever and it’s always been hard for me to do things that weren’t ‘successful’ because of what my family expected of me.

    Aversion to risk isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it keeps you safe, it provides predictability and security for yourself and the people in your life. But keep in mind that risk is where opportunity is — opportunity for success in our careers, opportunities to try new things, opportunities to learn, and opportunities to love and be loved. It is important to embrace a certain level of risk to avoid inertia, and to occasionally take bigger risks in the interest of growth and progress.

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