More Than An Assistant

Today my friend/boss showed me some basic formulas on how our clients (resellers, basically) determine their selling prices for our products based on the costs we give them. In order to set new selling prices, we have to reverse the formulas to figure out the new costs we should be charging the clients.

While my friend/boss was inputting the formulas into a spreadsheet, I noticed that he oversimplified the reverse formulas (he wasn’t following basic fraction rules). I fixed his mistake! Who thought math would come in handy in business?

Later on in the day, I also noticed that my friend/boss was missing some important information from a few vital spreadsheets he gave me to work on. One of the first things my friend/boss taught me is to not assume things. Just because my friend/boss made the spreadsheets doesn’t mean that they are necessarily complete and/or accurate.

Today was a good day for me. Last week, I felt like I’m just my friend/boss’s assistant, but today I felt more like I’m actually working with him (which is what he wanted anyway).

Now that I’m getting the hang of things, though, he’s probably going to start giving me more responsibilities. I should be excited that I’m doing well (I think) and that my friend/boss is putting his faith in me, but I’m still really scared that I’m going to fail and/or disappoint him.

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2 Responses to “More Than An Assistant”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Yeah… um, I worked in HR and used math all the time. Are you really surprised by this? 🙂

  2. normalboy Says:

    Not really… I just thought it was amusing that I found a mistake in his math. It made me feel more useful.

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