Vaio Smart Network

I fixed my computer! Apparently there was some manual setting that turned off my wireless capabilities. After a little finagling, I found that I had to use something called the “Vaio Smart Network” (only on Sony computers) to turn my wireless settings back on. It isn’t very smart, if you ask me.

I’m just glad I don’t have to send my laptop back. I was already imagining the hassle it would have been. I like having my own computer.


5 Responses to “Vaio Smart Network”

  1. Brad Says:

    yo, what many setting was it that you changed to activate the “vaio smart network”??

    ~email mi the soln.

  2. Rob Says:

    I was having the same issue with my WLAN just stopped working and I could not understand why. Well I just shut down the pc for the evening it stopped working as I got pissed to say the least.

    In the morning I turned PC back on and right next to the network link in the system tray (next to speaker control) I noticed a gray icon that ususaly has sony updates listed, this time it said sony smart network and in there my WLAN option was unchecked. Checked it and everything was back online.

    ????? how did it un-check itself ???? I guess thats the smart network part !!!

  3. Nicole Says:

    i cant find this sony vaio smart network on my laptop? im thinkin this is why my internet isnt connecting? please please help me!!!

  4. TimothyP Says:

    Same problem here… WWAN is disabled and the Vaio Smart NEtwork tool does not run on windows7 so I can’t use it

  5. tom haynes Says:

    i cant get my vaio to connect with my samsung via bluetooth any one know how
    tht would be great 🙂

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