No Subject Title

My friend/boss was out of the office for large chunks of time today, so I was on my own for a lot of the day. In a way, it was a test to see how much I learned and how fast I work.

I think I did okay, although I haven’t asked my friend/boss yet. I can already tell that the routine tasks I have every day are becoming automatic. Creating spreadsheets still takes a long time, but I’m sure more practice will speed things up.

The part of my job I’m most worried about is dealing with clients (through email mostly) and representing the company. Writing emails and preparing documents take a very long time because I want to make sure every little detail is perfect and my emails sound professional before I send them out.

Inevitably though, I made a mistake. After double and triple checking everything, I sent out an email without a subject title! I couldn’t believe it! My friend/boss said it was okay, but I felt pretty bad about it. I’m usually really good about that, but sometimes the obvious things can be overlooked when you’re stressing about the little things.

By the end of the day, I had finished everything that needed to be done today, leaving only a monster side project that I “started” yesterday. I think the side project is really a way for me to learn our products as well as our competitor’s products better, but it takes a lot of work and time.

Because this is only the first week since I told Target that I got a new job, I still have prior obligations to Target for the next four days. I won’t be back at my new company until next Tuesday (Monday is Memorial Day). I might try to work on my side project before then (even though I don’t get paid off the clock).

I hope that when I go back to work next week, I haven’t forgotten everything!


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