I Love Ellen

I love Ellen Degeneres. I used to watch her talk show when it first started in 2004. I still would watch it if I had the time. I think she’s hilarious. Even if she wasn’t gay, I would still love her humor and her personality. The fact that she is gay just makes her even more amazing.

This is a clip from her old sitcom when she first came out to the public in 1997. Her character is discussing the difficulties of being gay (and hiding it) with her therapist, portrayed by Oprah Winfrey. I think the message is great and is still applicable today, more than ten years later (which, I guess in terms of social change, isn’t very long). Notice when she talks about being “normal.”

As a bonus, I’m going to include the clip from her talk show where she announced her engagement to Portia de Rossi! It seems like a good time to post this, since the overturning of the ban on gay marriage in California only occurred two days ago.

Yay for gay people!


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