A Stepping Stone

I really didn’t sleep very well last night. My brain wouldn’t turn off, so I felt like I had some amount of consciousness all night. I think I was really anxious about the possible sudden opportunity for which I was having an interview today.

I first met with my friend. He sat me down and explained his current needs and what he would want me to do, even though it would only be to get me familiarized with the company. I would basically be working directly under him, micromanaging certain accounts for him so that he doesn’t have to worry about the details.

My friend is very professional at work. He’s the only one (besides his boss) who wears a suit (without a tie, i.e. “business casual”). Everyone else wears something that ranges from jeans and a T-shirt to a button down shirt with dark khakis. He also puts his entire being into his work, often staying three or four hours later than everyone else. He works incredibly hard, but he’s also the sales and marketing manager after only working there a few months. I think I can learn a lot from him.

Outside of work, my friend has always been seemingly more confident and comfortable with himself. He’s almost the complete opposite of me. He knows exactly where he wants to go professionally, he has a steady boyfriend, and he’s totally sure of himself. Because he is so different from me, I think I can also learn a lot about myself from reconnecting with him.

On a complete sidenote, my friend unfortunately still remembers a lot of the embarrassing and awkward things I used to do and say when I was a teenager struggling with being gay. He remembers the conversation we had when I said I was “asexual” rather than defining myself as gay or straight. I think I’m less awkward now, but I can still get pretty awkward around gay boys (I’ve mentioned this before). Hopefully my friend can teach me to be less awkward too.

Anyway, after about an hour of talking to my friend, he took me to see his boss. His boss’s office is a huge mess, but his boss is also incredibly wise and smart. His boss has a Ph.D. in physics and asked me a lot of philosophical questions about life and time. If you were wondering, “time is the most important parameter of all,” whether you’re talking about life or physics. His argument for it was very wise (and funny).

The interview with my friend’s boss wasn’t anything like my Target interviews, probably because my friend already wanted to hire me. A lot of the questions were about math and why I liked it. He also asked what I wanted in life ten years from now. My friend’s boss talked about the circle of life, and how his role now was to help smart young people (like me) get started in their careers. I could definitely see that I could learn a lot from him, too.

I basically had a job from the moment I walked into the building. The difficult part is that they don’t even know what job they want to give me (I don’t think there was really a position open), and the reason for that is because I don’t know what I can do or want to do. My friend knows that I’m (vaguely) studying for the actuary exams, so it’s also hard to say how long I would stay with his company.

My friend and his boss are willing to offer me 1.5 times what I make at Target (so still not that much), but it’s because I would be starting as my friend’s assistant until I can figure out what my strengths are and what position within the company I can really excel at. Once I have figured those things out, then we can renegotiate my deal and move to a different position. I haven’t found out about benefits yet, but I assume there will be some.

In the end, the skills and experience I can gain from this computer company would be more useful and applicable to a professional career than the skills I’m gaining at Target. What’s interesting is that my friend and his boss know that this job is just a stepping stone. I can use the skills I gain from their company to get an even better job down the line that is better suited to what I can do and what I want (whatever that is).

I guess this means I’m giving my two weeks notice to Target tomorrow. Because I have some consecutive days off from Target next week, though, I might start working for my new company on Monday.

It’s going to be interesting leaving Target. I still love my job and all the people with whom I work, but there’s no future there. Meanwhile, this new job is being built by constantly thinking about the future. My future. It’s hard not to pass up such an opportunity.

Even still, I’m nervous. Whatever responsibilities they throw at me, they’re going to be challenging. They have high expectations because I’m “smart” (and I really don’t think I am). I feel like I haven’t used my brain (in an intellectual sense) in a very long time, so I hope I can get used to using it again.


4 Responses to “A Stepping Stone”

  1. Amy Says:

    I’m so excited for you!!! Way to go normal boy!

  2. W Says:


  3. tb Says:

    Sounds exciting. Good luck!

  4. Jordan Says:


    If you work for this new company you will be a in a greyhound race always chasing the rabbit.

    Don’t leave Target. Stop worrying about the next job and the next job. Work 300% and give your blood, sweat, and tears, even though you have been there a while.

    Go back to school, attempt to get an MBA now that you have real world experience. You will be coming out making top dollars and be promoted within Target. Keep your current position and keep working hard; period.

    Going to this new job is not going to work and won’t get you to your goals. You’ll be just to catch that rabbit in a new greyhound race; guess wont, no one ever catches it.

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