Sudden Opportunity

I recently started reconnecting (vaguely) with one of my few gay friends (I’ve mentioned him before). We messaged each other online a little bit over the last week or two. Yesterday, I told him that I was working at Target and he said it was such a waste. He thinks I’m smart or something.

My friend surprisingly called me tonight and asked if I wanted to work for him. He works in the sales and marketing department for a small computer company, and he’s looking for smart people to help boost the company.

Long story short, I have a “casual” interview with him and his boss tomorrow morning. I’m not sure if I’m a right fit for the company yet, but there’s no harm in going to see what my friend does and what I could do for his company. Isn’t it crazy where opportunities come from? I wasn’t expecting to possibly find a job from reconnecting with a friend who I’ve had sporadic (at best) contact with over the last ten years. But let’s see where it takes me!

Here’s an interesting and somewhat related story. I went to Starbucks earlier today to do a little studying, and I noticed that a nearby Starbucks was having a hiring fair for store managers and assistant managers today. I thought to myself that I had missed an opportunity, not knowing I’d get a call from my friend just a few hours later!


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