More Development Needed

Remember that team leader assessment I had a few weeks ago? My human resources executive team leader finally sat me down today to discuss the results.

The executive told me that I did “phenomenally” (her word) on the computer based assessment test (the “written” part). Apparently, I know what it takes to be a leader on paper but not in practice. My interviews were “okay,” meaning I made an impression but not a strong (enough) one.

The interviewers said (in notes they gave my executive team leader) that I work well in a team (plays well with others) but I don’t demonstrate courage. I don’t challenge my supervisors or voice unpopular opinions (what if my opinions are always the popular ones?), and I don’t take risks.

Basically, I’m not ready to be a team leader (if there were any open positions, which there aren’t). Instead, I’m supposed to work with the executives to find activities for me to do over the next six months to “continue my development.” At that time, I can participate in another assessment to see where I stand from a leadership position.

I guess it’s good that Target is willing to work with me to work on developing me into a leader. I’m just a little upset that I’m not already leader material (because I certainly feel like one sometimes when I’m working). Who knows, though. Maybe this opportunity is fading to make way for an even better one.


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