Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino

I think I found a new favorite drink at Starbucks. A few days ago, I got to sample their petite vanilla scone, and it was really good. Today at work, I had a craving for that same vanilla flavor, but the little scones are a little overpriced (like most things at Starbucks). Instead I tried the caffe vanilla frappuccino. Yes, it’s more expensive than the petite scones, but at least it’s bigger and has coffee in it.

The caffe vanilla frappuccino was transcendent. I always thought I was more of a chocolate person, but there’s something special about that subtle yet delicious vanilla flavor. I don’t usually get whipped cream on drinks anymore (I’ve got to keep my girlish figure), but I forgot to tell the barista to skip it this time. Mixing the whipped cream into the frappuccino just added to the already smooth awesome creaminess. I was raving about the drink for hours afterwards (and still am apparently).

I’ve only had one caffe vanilla frappuccino, but I can already tell it’s addicting. After all, it only took one petite vanilla scone for me to crave it later. Starbucks must put something in their products to keep us wanting more. But I think I’m okay with that.


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