Not Quite Five Days

I got up really late today, partly because I was sore from going to the gym yesterday. When my muscles are sore, I don’t feel like moving to get out of bed. It was the good kind of sore, though, the kind you only get from exercising. It lets you know you did something productive for your body. No pain no gain, right?

Even with a late start, I decided to go to Starbucks (a different one from yesterday, just for a change of scenery) to study. At least I could get in a couple hours of studying out of the last day of my five day weekend. Or at least, so I thought.

Less than an hour after I started studying at Starbucks, my favorite team leader called me and asked if I could work a closing shift tonight. I didn’t have any plans with anyone else tonight, so I said yes. I read for another ten minutes (maybe less) before going home to change into my red and khaki outfit (I really should just wear it under my civilian clothes, like Superman).

So I guess my five day weekend was really only a four day weekend. But that’s pretty good already, anyway. Once I get a “real” job (and a “real” life), I won’t be seeing many more of those.


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