I Love Weddings

I went to my high school friend’s wedding today. It was held at a country club, a serene retreat protected from the surrounding busy streets. The bride’s gown was absolutely beautiful (I really wanted her tiara too), and even the bridesmaids’ dresses were lovely. I love weddings. They’re so romantic, and the whole day is full of life, love, and laughter. I’m honored and glad that I got to be part of my friend’s first day of his new life.

The reception was really nice, though I’ve never been to a wedding reception that wasn’t nice. However, I always dread the dancing portion of wedding receptions. I’m really self conscious and stiff when I dance (and I’ve never slow danced before). I tried to sit and watch most of the time, but I was dragged onto the dance floor a couple times. No one made fun of my lack of skills, so it turned out okay.

The one thing that bothered me today was that many of the pictures I took with my camera didn’t come out as well as I would have hoped. I expect good pictures from a 12.1 mexapixel camera (from Sony, of course), but rarely do my pictures come out with crystal clear clarity. Maybe it was the lighting, or maybe it was my using the automatic settings.

Perhaps a camera is only as good as the photographer using it. After all, a bad workman always blames his tools, right? Oh well. I got some good pictures of the ceremony (it was outside and sunny), but some of the later pictures at the reception (indoors, after dark, sometimes fast action) were subpar. I wonder if I should have gotten a Canon (gasp!).

Seeing my high school friends today felt like another reunion (like yesterday). One of my friends who I hadn’t seen in eight years has already been married for a year and is finishing medical school in two weeks! There are days when I compare my (bad) luck with love (and life in general) with others’, but today I was genuinely happy to see my friends and catch up with them.


One Response to “I Love Weddings”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Oh I could tell you some things about photography. First of all, 12 mp only means you’ll get BIG pictures. NOT good pictures.

    But first of all… yeah, I’m betting your camera’s auto setting is what fouled up your pictures, especially if the reception was poorly/dimly lit. And if you had red-eye reduction turned on.

    And what – no love for Nikon?!? 😉

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