7-Star Retirement

I have a lot of uncles and aunts. My mom is the oldest of six children, and my dad is eleventh of twelve. One of my uncles on my dad’s side (I basically call him “Uncle #8” in Chinese) was passing through town yesterday, so my parents and I had dinner with him and his wife (my aunt).

My uncle is rich and recently retired. My aunt and he are going on a four month vacation around the world, traveling to 14 countries. One of the countries they’re going to visit is Dubai, where they plan on staying at the Burj Al Arab, a self proclaimed “7-star” hotel. One night (at the cheapest rate, probably a “crappy” view) costs around $1600. I love hotels, and the Burj Al Arab is the epitome of a luxury hotel. Just to get in the door to look around costs about $55! You can find more information (and pictures!) here.

I can’t even imagine that kind of life (or that kind of hotel!). My uncle put in many years of hard work, but he did very well for himself. I’m in no rush to be of retiring age, but I’m definitely getting antsy to move in the right direction to where I can at least retire comfortably someday. I have to start before I can finish.


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