Working Overtime

It’s time for a quick post (meaning I can’t agonize for hours over the quality), since I have to sleep early tonight. I just finished my usual closing shift, but I’m covering for an opening shift in the electronics department tomorrow morning. I really do spend more time at Target than I do at home.

Because I had to clock in for a few hours yesterday for the team leader assessment, coupled with my added electronics shift tomorrow, I’m schedule to run into a couple hours of overtime by the end of the week (meaning I’ll be working more than 40 hours this week). I don’t mind that, but Target does. Target usually doesn’t allow overtime unless it’s specifically been approved by an executive and/or the store team leader (especially since the economy is sucking and the store is cutting hours). Hopefully I won’t get in trouble over racking up some overtime. I might have to leave early tomorrow or Saturday or something.

Meanwhile, the schedule for two weeks from now was posted. I thought I would change to the price change team that week, but I’m still scheduled to work in my current capacity. Maybe the executves don’t all agree that I should change to the morning team. I’m going to have to investigate further.

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