Team Leader Assessment

Every so often (I’m not sure how often), Target has a market assessment that lets them know how many internal team members are ready to become team leaders (regular ones, not executive). They schedule a day where a few select team members from each store in a district gather at one Target for this assessment. Each team member is interviewed by three different human resources executives (not from our own store, of course, because of bias). Afterwards, the executives decide who is ready to be a team leader immediately and who still needs more development. That way, when a need for team leaders arises (anywhere in the district), the interviewing process for qualified candidates is already done.

I was told of this assessment a few weeks ago, but I didn’t hear anything about it again until a few days ago. Because I was scheduled to interview for an executive position, I was not originally selected to participate in the assessment. When word spread that I didn’t do so hot on my executive interview, my store team leader and human resources executive team leader decided to squeeze me into the schedule. Even though it was short notice, they gave me the opportunity to practice my interviewing skills and maybe (eventually) become a team leader in the process. There are only supposed to be three candidates per store, but my store ended up with four because of me.

Even though today was originally my day off, I went in to work in the morning (9am, not 6am) for the assessment. I got paid for participating. Before I knew it, I had three interviews, almost back to back. Afterwards, I had to take an hour long, multiple choice assessment test on the computer, much like the “written” part of an exam. The test asked a lot of questions about what makes a good manager and what characteristics described me. I had to answer as honestly as possible, even though I know some of what I answered wasn’t the best “manager” answer. Oh well, hopefully they’ll like me anyway.

Overall, all three of my interviews went a lot more smoothly than my executive interview. I was very excited to talk about Target. I still felt nervous, but not nearly as much as before. At least I felt more like myself in the interviews. I’m supposed to hear back within a week about how I did; either my store team leader or my human resources executive team leader will sit me down and discuss my assessment. Even though my particular store isn’t hiring new team leaders right now, I hope I did well.

After the assessment was over and I clocked out for the day, I walked around Target for a few hours, sort of like I usually do on my days off, except that I was wearing red and khaki. So when I was following around my work crush while he did his work, executives and guests could perceive it as me just slacking off from work. Eventually, one of the executives told me to stop distracting the working team members and just finish my shopping and go home. She said not to take it personally, but I was sad.


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