The Price Change Team

I got an offer yesterday from one of the executives to make me part of the price change team (sometimes called the price accuracy team). The price change team makes sure that the prices of all the items in the store are exactly what the labels say they are. They also put stickers on the clearance merchandise to reflect the new adjusted prices.

I’m currently part of the sales floor team, where I mostly zone, do go-backs, and back up on the cash registers. I also help back up the guest service desk, even though I wasn’t formally trained to do so. I took the initiative to ask the team members at the service desk to train me little by little until I could do everything (I like to say I picked it up off the streets).

Only a handful of team members (like three or four) are on the price change team, so in a way, it’s a more prestigious position than my current (bottom of the food chain) one. The pay increase is slight (almost negligible), so that’s not really affecting my consideration.

The biggest change (drawback?) is that the hours for the price change team is from 6am to 2:15pm Monday through Friday. Right now, my schedule changes every single week. I often work weekends, and my days usually start in the afternoon and run until closing. In retail, it’s very (very) rare to have a regular schedule, especially one that is Monday through Friday.

I haven’t accepted the offer yet, mostly because 6am is incredibly early for me. I can barely comprehend it. I’m a total night owl. It’s much easier for me to stay up until 6am than is to get up to go to work at 6am. On the other hand, forcing myself to get up early will help get work out of the way so I have time to do other things that I need do (like run errands, study, hang out with friends, shop at Target, etc.). Usually when I come home after work, I stay up really late and get up really late. Half my day is gone before I wake up, and then I only have a couple hours before going to work again.

My other hesitation comes from the fact that I really like the team I work with now. Everyone on my team is really great, and we have so much fun together. If I move to the price change team, I will leave hours before they come in to work. I’ll overlap with my work crush’s shift by less than an hour (though I guess that means I could follow him around while he works and I don’t have to worry about slacking off on the job).

In the end, though, getting ahead in the business world isn’t about friendships (though connections are helpful). Sometimes compromises must be made to move up. I’ve been given an opportunity to have a regular schedule. To force myself to wake up in the morning and be productive the rest of the day. Maybe the schedule will help me in motivating myself to look harder for other jobs as well.


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