Behavioral Based Interview

The store team leader finally called me to schedule a screening interview. My interview is in two days. I’m freaking out about it, but not as much as I would have if my interview was two months ago (when it should have been). Because I’m considering other options besides being an executive team leader at Target, I’m not putting all my hopes into this one job. That takes a little bit of stress off the interview, but I still want to do well on it.

I’m not sure how to prepare for the interview. Target uses behavioral based interview questions, but I can’t think of any specific instances from my teaching and teaching assistant jobs when I solved a problem or overcame failiure. I got the job done, my students were happy, and the semester ended. I don’t know what my thought processes were or what specific actions I took to yield a certain outcome. I didn’t think so hard about it.

One thing I definitely have to do before my interview is learn how to tie a tie.


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