Car Accidents

My work crush was in a car accident yesterday. He was noticeably scratched and bruised up from the airbag, but he has no major injuries. He was complaining that his beautiful face has some scratches (he’s conceited, in a cute way). I’m just glad that surface injuries are all he has to worry about (though I have to downplay my relief in front of my crush).

I hate car accidents. I was in a car accident eight years ago (April 27, 2000, to be exact), and I got anxious sitting in the passenger seat for years after that (I still am, sometimes, depending on who’s driving). Much of my fear of driving stems from that accident. I’m a lot better now, but it always worries me when I hear about other people’s near-death experiences. Car accidents are so common yet can take away someone you love in a second.

I can’t fathom how upset I would be if one of my friends (or crushes) died. It’s a terribly morbid thought, but I worry sometimes that the unthinkable will happen to someone I care about. Sometimes, if I don’t hear back from certain friends for a long time, I go through hypothetical worst case scenarios in my head. The thoughts spark intense fear in me.

Coincidentally, my other straight crush had a car accident just before our trip to Las Vegas. Maybe I’m a jinx.


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