November Is Closer Than I Think

I’m feeling a little better. My thoughts weren’t as overpowering today. My work crush didn’t ask me about yesterday, so I didn’t bring it up either. I still had some moments when I felt that familiar sinking feeling in my heart, but it was manageable.

In other news, I (finally) applied to a couple actuarial associate positions at a reputable health insurance company. I have a friend who works for the company already, so maybe adding his name as a referral will help me get noticed.

I guess I should (finally) go back to studying for the actuarial exams. I missed the deadline to register for the May exam, so I’ll have to prepare for November. I’m going to have a really hard time staying motivated for so many months. Thinking I have a lot of time is going to make me procrastinate more than usual, even though I know the time will fly by.

Although, if I’m still working at my current job in November, I might go crazy. That’s probably motivation enough, actually.


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