A Brief Dinner

I had dinner with some college friends tonight. I hadn’t seen one of them in almost two years, even though I moved home in August. Considering that these are among my closest friends, a brief dinner once in a long while isn’t enough. Our schedules make it really hard for all of us to hang out for extended periods. We didn’t even have time to get dessert!

Most of my time recently is spent at work. If I’m not working, I’m usually by myself or with my parents. I rarely get to spend time with my friends. I’ve always relied on my friends for support and perspective, so it’s weird not seeing them very often.

I sometimes forget how important my friends are until I see them again. Even though our dinner was brief, and I had to drive on some really busy freeways to get there (which is a big deal for me), it was so worth it.

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One Response to “A Brief Dinner”

  1. Amy Says:

    Maybe this is a sign that you need to find a career with steadier hours. I find work pretty stressful these days, but I get weekends for the most part to hang out with friends. Except you- but I read your blog so it’s kinda like we have coffee every afternoon.

    ps – don’t delete my comment 😉

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