I Thought I Was Early

I got to Target three hours early today. I got there in the afternoon, even though I was scheduled to work the closing shift in the evening. I planned on getting a bite to eat from the mall food court (I hadn’t eaten lunch) and sitting down somewhere to polish my resume.

Before I had time to get food, I ran into my team leader. He said I wasn’t on the closing schedule. We were both confused, so I checked my schedule again. I was shocked to find out I was supposed to start work five hours before I thought I did, meaning I was already two hours late!

I must have read the wrong schedule when I wrote it down last week. I couldn’t believe that I could make such a mistake; it’s so uncharacteristic of me. Those who know me know that I never mix up my schedule.

My team leader didn’t care; he just told me to punch in and get to work right away. He knows me really well and knows that I’m usually on top of things. I guess everyone has their off days. The worst part was that I didn’t get to eat lunch until it was almost time for dinner! I was starving! Manual labor on an empty stomach is not a very good idea.

I was lucky, though, that I went to Target early (or so I thought). Otherwise, I would have been five hours late instead of only two! Maybe it’s a good thing that I hang out at Target all the time.

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